Too Much Computer Harms Your Health


You spend, what, like 2 hours on Facebook? And then you hop on a shopping site to look for the perfect shoes for your summer dress. And then you browse on that ticket website to look for Blake Shelton tour schedule 2015 . Then you return to Facebook to check for any updates, and naturally you have some, so you spend another hour going over it. All in all you spend about five hours every day on the Internet.

This is not good for your health at all. There are a lot of bad effects excessive time in front of the computer does to you, aside from exposing you to the idiocies of the mere mortals out there.

First and foremost is the harm it does to your eyes. Do you know that the stinging, burning feel your eyes get after hours on the web is called eyestrain? It’s when your eyes feel so exhausted and dry and when you rub it, it slightly stings. This is because of the short distance between your eye and the computer screen. Human eyes prefer to look at things six meters away, or at least change the distance every now and then.

To avoid this, you should remember to take a break every twenty minutes or so. Don’t forget to blink, too, so you won’t get dry eyes.

Then you get back pain. It’s a nagging reminder that you’ve sat in a certain position for too long. Hours of slouching can lead to serious back pains, so remember to change position every now and then. Sit at a 90 degree angle too so you maintain a good posture. Basically just aim for the most comfortable position for you.

And then you get carpal tunnel, which nobody really loves. If you feel numbness or pain in the index and middle fingers and weakness in the thumb, you got it. This is caused by flexing your wrists for too long. You should adjust the height of your chair so that the armrest is level with the keyboard. Take a break too, don’t be such a workaholic.

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The Truth about Tattoos: Health Implications


An increasing number of teens and adults are getting inked with catchy and gorgeous tattoos. This is already firmly entrenched in the popular culture. Perhaps we get the notion that tattoo bearers are certified cool people from the celebrities and artists that sport them. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Adam Levine, and more, have tattoos in various body parts.

Fans of rock bands, too, are influenced to ink themselves in adherence to the trend in the rock genre. For instance, a girl I know decided to ink herself with Imagine Dragons fan art upon checking out the Imagine Dragons tour schedule and finding out that they will play in a nearby city.

Is it okay, however, to proceed getting a tattoo without being aware of the possible health implications? I should say not. Here are the possible negative health effects that you can get from a tattoo:

Allergic Reactions

Not all people are tolerant to the chemicals found in tattoo inks. Some may get itchy rashes and swelling at the site of the tattoo. A severe case is that of Calvin Klein Underwear’s Fredrik Ljungberg who had a lymph gland removed because of a severe allergic reaction to his tattoo.

Blood Contamination

Tattoos can infect your skin and blood in two ways: through the chemicals found on the ink and through the needle used to apply the tattoo. First, what chemicals are found in tattoos? Although not universal, tattoo inks can contain toxic chemicals such as alcohol, ethylene glycol (an antifreeze), aldehydes such as formaldehyde and gluteraldehyde (highly toxic), and other chemicals that are carcinogenic and even mutagenic.

There have also been recent cases of infections resulting from contaminated inks, particularly those with Mycobacteria. Such infections involved severe rashes and development of keloids.

Needles previously used with patients of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, HIV/AIDS, and other blood infections can also infect you.

Serious Health Complications

Cancer, hepatitis, psoriasis, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and herpes, are all serious health conditions that can be caused or transmitted by getting a tattoo. One more important thing to note is that many hospitals refuse to give a life-saving MRI ((Magnetic Resonance Imaging)) test to inked patients because the metals present in the tattoo may cause severe pain during the test.


Using Natural Ways to Fight Diseases


Modern medicine has done a lot to save and preserve lives. Indeed a great part of the world population has been spared from early death because of scientific approach in treating diseases and health conditions that need emergency attention. We have various facilities now that can determine internal problems as well as analyze the possible illnesses that a person may develop in time. Potent medicines have been discovered and developed as well to fight all types of sicknesses. Nonetheless, we should not forget that there are also natural ways that are found to prevent and cure diseases more effectively.

Food and nutrition

The number one factor that leads to poor health and sickness is lack of nutrition. According to medical studies, when the body is not properly nourished, the immune system suffers. Therefore, with a weakened body, disease causing viruses and bacteria can infect the body and cause it to become sick. The importance of maintaining proper nutrition can never be under rated, as it is the primary factor that promotes good health and disease free body.

Organic food products

More people are now becoming aware of the benefits of organic food products. Certain researches have found out that mass produced food products are not free from chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers and other substances used to enhance growth of agricultural products. Aside from this, many food items in grocery racks are laden with preservatives particularly those in cans and bottles. These substances are the culprits in producing toxins in the body that contribute to the disease formation.


Further studies continue to come out with results that point to particular food products as anti-oxidants. Some of these are ginger, sour sop, carrots, legumes, tea and even coffee. A great number of these anti-oxidants come from various countries. For instance, tea from China and Japan is exported to other countries. On the other hand, ginger and sour sop mostly come from tropical countries. It is easy to avail of these items directly if you are a regular traveler and entertainment enthusiast following Daniel Tosh on tour in various show venues. When purchased directly from their source, anti-oxidants are usually cheaper.

4 Alternative Aftershaves You Did Not Know Of


Men want nothing less than perfect when it comes to their facial care, especially the aftershave. Shaving can be harsh and render the skin prone to acne and other infections, hence the need for the best aftershave.

If you are sick of the sting and burning sensation that commercial aftershaves cause your skin, here are some easy and cheap alternatives that equally work well:

Coconut Oil

This all-around wonder oil is an effective aftershave because of its antibacterial and moisturizing properties. It will gently cleanse your just-shaved face and help close the pores. Not only that, it can also treat itchiness, razor bumps, bruises, and acnes. And you can get it for as low as $6.

Baking Soda

We got another wonder product here. Baking soda is widely used to clean dirty floors and kitchenware because of its amazing antiseptic properties. There is no reason why it can’t clean your face too since it’s very gentle to the skin. It’s great for men with sensitive skin and also for those with razor burns. Just add 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water and you’re good to go. A 30lb baking soda will cost you as low as $2.68.

Lavender Oil

This aromatic essential oil is an effective antiseptic because of a compound called linalool. Linalool kills bacteria and viruses so lavender oil is commonly used to treat wounds. You can use it as an aftershave to prevent acnes and other infections. The fragrance is a plus, too. You can get 30ml of this oil for about $7.


Aloe Vera is another antibacterial moisturizer that will keep your freshly shaved face healthy and infection-free. It’s very soothing so it’s great for sensitive skin. You can either dab some aloe gel directly on your face or make an aloe aftershave formula first.

To make an aloe formula, mix it with water, witch hazel, and other essential oils (olive oil, virgin coconut oil, etc.) and keep it in an airtight bottle. It’s so easy to make, you can do it while checking out the sched of Off the Beaten Path tour Justin Moore .You can usually get an all-natural 50ml aloe gel for around $1.50.

There you go; four cheap and effective aftershaves so you’ll never suffer from stinging burn again.

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

energy drink

For people who lead busy lifestyles, energy drinks are a quick fix; an accessible solution resorted to for relieving body aches and impediments that prevent them from functioning as needed for their jobs and tasks. With the FDA not regulating these products, it is easy for more and more manufacturers to take advantage of the increasing demand to fill our consumer markets with these products, coming out with new labels or improved versions of the old ones. To the average customer, it is accepted that if an item is widely made available on store shelves, it must mean that product consumption is always safe. A naïve opinion such as this has been causing serious medical problems among people in our society, sadly, even causing deaths in many unwary consumers, both young and old.

Since energy drinks are loaded with sugars, dependency, especially on a daily basis poses serious health risks. Diabetics should consume these products in moderation. There is an increased risk for those with a family history of Diabetes Type II. Check the labels and you’re guaranteed to see at least one in every product: corn syrup, cane sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners, and etc. Those currently (or formerly) battling obesity should avoid daily and heavily consuming energy drinks since highly sugared products cause and worsen obesity. It’s also to be noted that sugar is one energizer that will cost you afterwards. The energy boost comes due to the increase in sugar and insulin levels but when this temporary boost wears off, the body starts to crash.

Caffeine is a stimulant that energizes the central nervous system. All energy drinks will have them, whether disclosed or not. While a cup of brewed coffee vary from 70 to 140 milligrams of caffeine content, energy drinks deemed effective and patronized by customers contain 80 to 240 milligrams of caffeine per cup. A study on caffeine safety was conducted and published, declaring 400 milligrams of caffeine to be the safety limit.

While study shows that caffeine is not a clear cause of cardiovascular diseases, it increases health risks for those with pre-existing heart conditions.  High amounts of caffeine also cause insomnia and body tremors, restlessness and anxiety. In many cases, a prolonged and heavy dependence on caffeine caused and worsened headaches, migraines, and sleep deprivation. Elevated and erratic blood pressure levels, seizures, and heart palpitations were also observed in some others. In light of these negative side effects, consumers would do well to pay attention to the caffeine content of their favorite energy drink and adjust their consumption accordingly.

Though energy drinks are on-shelf products, they are not to be treated just like juices and sodas which can be taken together with medications. Energy drinks contain various ingredients and drug Interaction is a concern. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) is a United States public health surveillance system. DAWN monitors all drug-related Emergency Room visits in hospitals. In a 2009 publication, data revealed that beginning 2007, Energy Drink related visits have been on a steady rise. The publication also revealed that majority of these energy drink ER cases involved adverse reactions, drug interactions, and abuse or misuse of medication or drugs. 2007 reported an incident of 10,000 cases and 2011 reported 20,783. That is a clear double in figures in less than five years.

If you are on regular medication for any condition or sickness, make sure to check labels for disclosure and inquire from your doctor whether it is safe for you to consume energy drinks. Get proper advice as to consumption limits. It is most important to ask for a doctor’s advice if you are taking prescription for depression or psychological and emotional problems.

Energy drinks can cause addiction and dependency, and that is never good. What’s supposed to energize and heighten your mind and body can do the very opposite when overly consumed. Sleep deprivation from overuse of energy drinks will impair bodily functions rendering you unfit to perform physical and mental tasks. Heavy consumption not only messes with your mind, it can cause instability in emotions as well. Anxiety and restlessness may cause erratic behavior and may prevent you from making intelligent and fair perceptions on things.

Energy drinks are come with multiple ingredients. The safety as to contents and product mix has been questioned by Health Organizations since most manufacturers are unable to give a verifiable rationale behind the concoctions. Side-effects such as vomiting (which could result in dehydration) and allergic reactions (which can lead to airway constriction) are some tell-tale signs of improper or unhealthy product composition.

There is an increasing pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to regulate energy drink products. Currently, restrictions are few and manufacturers have freedom to just throw in ingredients into their product and make whatever claims about product effectiveness. Some are so bold as to say that their products can be considered as dietary supplements that improve or increase performance, agility, metabolism, etc. Bold claims can deceive a lot of consumers into thinking that they are as potent as prescribed multivitamins and that they may even be used as substitutes.

Hopefully, the laxity will stop and the unfortunate death cases linked to energy drink consumption would move FDA to proper regulation of energy drink products. Los Angeles is wise to consider imposing age restrictions for energy drink purchases since death cases involved younger people. Anais Fournier was a 14 year old who died after downing two cans (equivalent to 6 cups) of energy drink in one day. Joshua Merrick was a 19 year old who regularly consumed energy drinks during workout.

People who find the need to consume energy drinks are warned to take them in moderation and only when absolutely necessary. There is nothing better than a full sleep the night before a strenuous task or fully loaded schedule. Renew and recondition your mind before a highly stressful project.  Nurture your mind and body with health rejuvenating techniques and exercises. Keep a healthy diet and lifestyle; and always stay well hydrated. Water is the ultimate body cleanser and balancer.

Improving Health in the Office: Taking Away Stress

Sick Young Woman Lying in BedIf you are one of the working populations who spend at least eight to ten hours in their offices, then you might have noticed that an office environment is important for productivity. Now most of you might feel that you have no power to change your office environment unless your boss allows you. But there are actually little things you can do to provide a better office environment for yourself.

Green up Life

Placing a small green ornamental plant in your desk has actually been proven to clean out the air in offices. Pollutants like TCE and benzene are taken by plants and making them non-toxic. It also adds more oxygen and humidifies the air. The plant also adds a dash of color to an otherwise monotone surrounding of an office.

The Brighter the Better

Improving the lighting and air quality are also seen as an effective way to make an office more relaxed and less stressful for employees. Replacing your lighting with full-spectrum tubes instead of the antiquated fluorescent tubes can already make a huge difference because a full spectrum tube provides lighting similar to a natural lighting we get from the sun. But of course, we know that nothing beats the natural way so if you can open your curtains, to let more natural light in, then please do so.

Take a Break

Setting short breaks in between working hours have also shown an increase in productivity. Breaks allow employees to relax and reduce stress and pressure from their work. Being able to go out to change their scenery also allows them to refocus and reenergize. Therefore, a small break in between working hours reinvigorates one’s energy to work harder after getting back from a break.


Do not forget to rehydrate yourself every now and then with clean water. An office must at least have a 5 gallon water delivery each day or more depending on the number of employees. This is also one stress reliever and could promote more productivity in the office while staying healthy.

Setting up an example for co-workers to follow is a good way for changes in the office to be set. Even these small steps can become big if everyone follows after.

What To Do When A Dog Attacks


Approximately 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by a dog each year, according to data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And contrary to popular perception, people who have dogs at home are five times more at risk to incur dog bites than people who don’t have dogs. However, these statistics should not deter you from owning a dog.

Having a dog in the house has many benefits. Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty and knowing there’s someone who has your back 24/7 is a great stress reliever and self esteem booster. For their eternal devotion, it’s only right that you raise them properly and return the love they give you unconditionally. You can learn how to raise and treat your dog from Play Safe Dogs that teaches dog owners about the best dog food, dog grooming and dog safety.

Another reason for having a dog is to guard your house. Pit bulls are known as the most aggressive breed and are responsible for more than fifty percent of all dog attacks. Get a pitbull puppy and hire a trainer who will teach it to become a guard dog. To ensure a healthy dog, feed your puppy with a nutritious diet. The best dog food for pitbull puppy can be found in online stores or in your local pet shop.

No matter how you love your dog, it will attack and bite when it feels threatened (as when a toy or food is taken away), when it is in pain (from a disease), when it has puppies or when it is provoked (you stepped on its tail). Avoiding these situations lessens the chances of being bitten. In a worst case scenario when you feel an imminent dog attack, here is what you must do:

Don’t panic. Dogs can sense fear and agitation and this can make them more aggressive.

Don’t run. Dogs will instinctively chase a running person and you can’t outrun them.

Don’t make eye contact. Dogs see this action as threatening and may cause them to lunge at you.

Stand still with your arms at your side. Dogs lose interest in a still object.

Don’t open your hands and extend your arms. Keep hands closed as in a fist and arms at your side.

The Dangers Of Not Mowing Your Lawn


Having a lawn in the front or backyard of your house is always an eye pleaser and mind soother. It also adds value to your property if you decide to sell. But more than aesthetics and finance, lawns cool the air, purify the water of pollutants before they enter the underground aquifer, absorb rainfall and prevent run-offs and erosions, and take in toxic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while producing oxygen.

Hence, it pays to keep lawns well-maintained, trimmed and in good condition so that they remain healthy outdoor spaces for human beings. A simple and practical way to ensure that your lawn is not a dangerous piece of land is to keep the grass mowed on a regular basis. A zero turn mower like the dixie chopper silver eagle can do the job remarkably fast and is easy to maneuver, so there’s no excuse for not having the time to mow the lawn. Here are the risks of un-mown lawn grass:

Getting a tick-borne disease

Ticks and disease carrying bugs thrive in grassy areas. These include ticks that cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, 364D rickettsiosis and other insect-borne infections.  Although most common tick diseases affect only the northeast and upper Midwest, there are cases that have been found in other states.

Create a risk of fire

Overgrown grass, especially when they turn dry in the heat of summer, catches fire easily. A carelessly thrown cigarette butt or children playing with matches can start a blaze that eats up property and injures or kills people.

Using deadly pesticides

Lawn grass regularly mown will reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to the environment and to human beings. They can cause allergies and have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and other abnormal conditions. They pollute water sources and poison fish, plants and animals eating the plants, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

Instead of spraying pest and weed killers, spot treat the creepers. As for insects, most of them are harmless and are part of the environment. There is no need to kill them.

4 Health Tests Every Men Should Take


The popular adage “Prevention is better than cure” should be the health mantra of every one. With early detection, chances of surviving the deadliest health threats increase by more than 50 percent.

If you wanted to watch Bruno Mars live  in Australia, you would have been disappointed when the show was axed due to the singer’s undisclosed illness. He is just one the millions who suffer from health complications. By undergoing these tests, men can stay healthy and fit. Protect yourself, or any male friend, by undergoing and informing others of these tests:

Cholesterol Screening

Cholesterols are fats that block the arteries and too much of it can cause heart complications. There are two types of cholesterol: high-density lipoproteins (HDL), the “good” cholesterols, and low-density lipoproteins (LPD), the “bad” ones. Cholesterol screenings profile the combined amount of the two in your blood; more than 220 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) is bad news.

Take this test if you’re over 20 every five years. If your cholesterol level is considered higher than normal, obey your doctor’s orders.

Blood Pressure Check

Check your blood pressure every year to determine if you are at risk for heart attack and stroke. If you have more than 140 heart beats every 90 seconds, you are one of the 50 million people with hypertension. You can start undergoing the test at any age, most preferably during childhood.

Prostate Cancer Screening

One in every six men is diagnosed with prostate cancer, so taking this test can only do you good even if you feel uncomfortable with it. A doctor will insert a finger into the rectum to inspect the prostate gland. Next is the PSA test which will measure the level of prostate-specific antigen. It is normally recommended to be taken starting at age 50, but if you’re experiencing some symptoms then go straight to a doctor.

Diabetes Test

Check if you’re at risk of or already suffering from diabetes. Your doctor will make you drink a sugary solution then measure how fast your body digests sugar. Aged 45 men should start undergoing the tests if there are no experienced symptoms. Overweight people or those with family history of diabetes should get tested younger. It should be taken every three years.

Clean Environment Results To A Healthy Body


Pollution is the result of garbage thrown everywhere in public places. Rotten trash in the streets or even in your backyard produces obnoxious smell if you fail to make a compost area. You can’t even imagine the result of freely throwing your garbage whenever and wherever you like. Proper planning on how to dispose them is important.

Throwing your junks properly is an eco-friendly way of saying you care. If you’re living in a large community, usually authorities in-charge choose to rent different roll off dumpster sizes that will cover the collection of your entire neighborhood’s waste. Additional fees are even collected because it doesn’t come cheap.

You can gain from being conscious about proper waste disposal. Doing this offers many positive effects not only for the environment but for your health as well. In the other hand, throwing garbage in the right places will reduce the possibility of bacteria formation. Remember that bacteria and polluted surrounding causes illnesses and weakens your immune system. To promote a healthy environment, the government is responsible to rent a roll off dumpster for proper waste disposal in the vicinity.

Controlling the spread of disease is easy if consolidation of garbage in the community is properly observed. Cleanliness means a healthier mind and body. It’s the absence of pollution and illnesses. This is possible if people have proper education about the effects of proper waste management. Eventually, health issues will be properly addressed.

Diseases will be avoided if everyone in the community will work hard to create a healthy and clean environment. Rodents carrying diseases will grow in numbers if your attitude towards waste disposal is poor. Think of it as a way to save money from hospitals and buying of medicines. Visiting hospitals will not even be an option if there’s proper sanitation.

It’s a shame that policymakers and some waste management companies concern themselves more with profit. Being responsible with what they can do for the environment should be their plan A. If these toxics are thrown in rivers and landfills, it will  only take a short period of time before  they get contaminated. When this happens much money is needed to pay for health care providers and hospitals.

Leaders should act now and make the proper disposal of garbage a necessity to maintain a clean surrounding and a healthy life. By doing so, people will have a lesser chance of being infected.

The Underlying Problems of Obesity


One of the most concerning health issues in today’s society is obesity. Over the years, we have seen a distinct increase in the number of people who pack on too much weight than their body can carry. For this reason, a lot of people have acquired very serious medical conditions which when left untreated, could be fatal. The number of heart attack cases has increased and what is disturbing about this is that many of these heart attack cases were experienced by people who were in their 30s and even 20s.

A lot of people have put the blame on the every growing fast food industry. From countless brands of potato chips to the super easy access to fried and greased up food from the nearest fast food restaurant, fatty and cardiac arrest-inducing cuisine is too conveniently accessible. However, overeating on all these unhealthy foods, asides from being obviously delicious, can be an indication of something more serious. A lot of people who are obese will tell you that they do not intentionally want to be overweight. They know that being obese can cause some serious and fatal health problems. But why do they continue to eat?

The need to constantly eat is an indication of something more serious. When some people feel low, their brain tends to tell them to grab the nearest potato chips and dips that they could find. Depression and low self-esteem are some of the main causes of obesity. When people are depressed, they tend to find something that could feel that void of emptiness, and in this case, food usually does the trick. Unfortunately, after eating all that food, the individual will end up feeling worse about herself or himself.

Inasmuch as obesity is considered a disease, there are various campaigns now that aim to fight this disorder. Even performers are promoting this cause in their own concerts and shows. When people lining for tickets for Florida Georgia line were asked in a random interview by a television network host, if they would support their favorite artists should they come up with an anti-obesity crusade in their shows, they showed great interest. It is truly touching that people from all sectors are willing to back up worthwhile thrusts.